Finally, a cloud ERP specifically for flooring, stone, & building materials.


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Tesserae Technologies brings you Tessera, the revolutionary cloud ERP built for distributors, manufacturers and retailers. Founded by industry veterans, we're the real deal as specialists in tile, carpet, stone, flooring, fixtures, furniture, and equipment. Utilizing our experience, insights, and groundbreaking technology, we're the first to offer a full suite of enterprise applications built from the ground up on a no-code platform. It's the digital transformation your business has been waiting for - and it's here.

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Who is Tesserae? 

The Power of Zero


No-code development has enabled Tesserae to craft out-of-the-box solutions as part of a single integrated cloud platform that can add value to your business from day one, including:

  • AP Automation
  • AR Order Document Scanning and Collections
  • Digital Marketing with LinkedIn Tools
  • Advanced WMS with Bar Code Scanning and Custom Label Printing
  • Transportation Management including Parcel, Freight, and Ocean Containers
  • Advanced Tax Compliance

Have a more specific need? Zero code development allows for the customization of solutions exponentially faster than any other ERP. For small to mid-sized businesses, those closest to the problem can finally design and customize applications cost-effectively.

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